Are Scotland's wrong-footed politicians rounding on Diageo to save face, or to save jobs?

Diageo has provoked wave after wave of public wrath from politicians across the political spectrum in Scotland since it announced it would cut more than 10% of its workforce in the country.

The ruling Scottish National Party has been most vocal, with first minister Alex Salmond, upon hearing of the news, immediately demanding a meeting with Diageo's senior executives.

A good deal of the initial anger stemmed from the fact that Diageo informed its employees of its plan before it told the SNP and the rest of the Scottish Parliament.

Sources familiar with the situation have told just-drinks that Salmond and colleagues were exasperated by Diageo's apparent lack of communication.

However, it is understood that at least one Diageo call to Salmond's office went unanswered on the night before the announcement.

Diageo's announcement came on the same day as a leaked memo indicated that two major Scottish shipyards may have to close within five years.

Political opponents of the SNP were quick to argue that the Government is failing to protect Scottish jobs.

The issue is fast ballooning into a political football.