Sustainability in Drinks

Sustainability in Drinks

By: Ben Cooper

Every month, Ben Cooper casts his eye over sustainability efforts in the global drinks industry.

Blowing trumpets, setting targets and hostages to fortune - Sustainability Spotlight 30 Oct 2015

Setting an ambitious target and just failing to meet it is surely better than settling for an easy one and romping home with time to spare but, Ben Cooper writes, when setting stretching sustainability targets, companies risk having to admit failure and are judged harshly when they do.

How good a sustainability fit are AB InBev and SABMiller? - Sustainability Spotlight 29 Sep 2015

In a world where sustainability is placed ever higher on the corporate agenda, multinational companies no longer speak solely in terms of shareholder interest but often of the interests of 'stakeholders'.

Sustainability in Drinks - Investors put pressure on drinks companies' water use 27 Aug 2015

World Water Week is an opportunity for companies to convene with other stakeholders to discuss the importance of water stewardship, and also to draw attention to their own initiatives, as Nestle has done.

Sustainability in Drinks - Momentum Shifting on Soda Taxes 31 Jul 2015

The publication of research into the impact of Mexico's soda tax and reports by the UK Government's Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition and the British Medical Association have again put soda taxes in the spotlight. Ben Cooper reports

Sustainability in Drinks - Sugar: A Shared Priority 24 Jun 2015

Within the sustainable sourcing challenge for food and drinks producers, the focus on sugarcane is set to increase substantially over the coming years. Not only does sugarcane present daunting sustainability challenges, Ben Cooper writes, but as a key ingredient shared by two of the major beverage sectors it could present opportunities for collective industry engagement.

Sustainability in Drinks - Walking the Walk on Water 20 May 2015

The recent problems that the Coca-Cola Co has encountered in India, and the launch by Diageo of its new Water Blueprint, underline once again just how central water stewardship is to the sustainability strategies of major beverage companies.

Sustainability in Drinks - What Craft is Teaching the Multi-Nationals 27 Mar 2015

Almost by default, the craft sectors within the overall drinks industry have healthier sustainability credentials than their larger peers. Ben Cooper looks at what the smaller, newer players could teach the big boys.

Sustainability in Drinks - Much Work to do on Packaging in the US 26 Feb 2015

When it comes to recycling, the US falls well behind many developed markets. Is it time for companies to pick up the baton in the country? Ben Cooper investigates.

Sustainability in Drinks - Sports Sponsorship in the Spotlight 28 Jan 2015

Sponsorship of sporting events by alcohol companies is once again under intense scrutiny, across a number of countries, and pressure on policymakers to regulate against it is increasing. Ben Cooper delves deeper.

Sustainability in Drinks - Are Roadmaps the Way Forward? 7 Nov 2014

Ben Cooper has stumbled upon a term that crops up time and again when it comes to sustainability.

Sustainability in Drinks - Scoring Points 30 Sep 2014

This month, Ben Cooper considers the need for healthy competition among drinks companies when it comes to driving industry-wide sustainability.

Sustainability in Drinks - Soda Tax Bill Unlikely to be Sweet Success 27 Aug 2014

The use of excise to combat the rise of obesity has long cast a shadow over the global soft drinks industry. Ben Cooper looks at the latest moves, in the US, and considers the likelihood of success for such a proposal.

Sustainability in Drinks - A Changing Wine Landscape 30 Jul 2014

The news this month that Castel has seen its wine operations in Ethiopia bear fruit suggests that the effects of climate change are already taking hold in the wine industry. Ben Cooper investigates.

Sustainability in Drinks - A Big Week in the Year of Sugar 24 Jun 2014

The spotlight in the fight over sugar is on the UK this month. Ben Cooper considers what appears to be an important stage in the battle.

Sustainability in Drinks - Companies Can't Rest on their Laurels 28 May 2014

In this month's look at sustainability issues in the drinks industry, Ben Cooper argues that, however much has been done in the past in this arena. there is always more that can - and should - be done going forward.

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