Round-Up - New Product Development in the Global Drinks Industry

Round-Up - New Product Development in the Global Drinks Industry

By: Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director at Datamonitor

Every month, Tom Vierhile from Datamonitor considers the latest NPD in drinks.

Round-Up - NPD: Can Beer Steal a Page from the Keurig and Nespresso Playbook? 27 Oct 2014

The next frontier for the beer market is not your local bar or pub, or the beer cooler at your nearby supermarket; it’s your kitchen counter.

Round-Up - NPD: Craft Cocktail Revolution Spurs At-Home Innovation 25 Sep 2014

The craft cocktail trend that has been percolating in pubs, bars and restaurants worldwide is finally coming home. Craft cocktails are making house calls today, thanks to a fresh generation of innovative mixers that help consumers create new mixed drinks at home.

Round-Up - NPD: Redefining Fresh - Cold-Pressed Juices Invigorate Packaged Beverages 26 Aug 2014

This month, Tom Vierhile from Datamonitor considers the latest entrants into the cold-pressed juices category.

Round-Up - NPD: Alcohol Beverage “Mash-Ups” Fuel Innovation 28 Jul 2014

This month, Tom Vierhile from Datamonitor considers the blending of drinks sectors in the NPD arena.

Round-Up - NPD: Pucker Up - Drinking Vinegar a New Trend to Watch 30 Jun 2014

With CSDs battling the anti-sugar lobby, Tom Vierhile takes a look at an alternative to sweet soft drinks. Let's not knock it until we've tried it, though, okay?

Round-Up - NPD: Can 'Rare Sugar' Rescue the Soft Drinks Market? 22 May 2014

Has Tom Vierhile discovered the sugar-alternative silver bullet?

Round-Up - NPD: Fluid Milk Innovation Aims to Reverse Sales Decline 23 Apr 2014

For a product that has endured more than half a century of consumption declines in the US market alone, fluid milk is behaving surprisingly energetically these days. A flurry of innovation in new cow’s milk products may at last have the potential to revitalise a sector that has been in the doldrums for decades.

Round-Up - NPD: Plant Waters Rise to Challenge Coconut Water 17 Mar 2014

The growth of coconut water in the soft drinks category is just the start of it: The tide of plant-based offerings grows only stronger. Tom Vierhile surveys the scene.

Round-Up – NPD: Soft Drinks Industry Contracts Gadget Fever 26 Feb 2014

Is at-home carbonation set to be the next battleground for the soft drinks industry? Tom Vierhile from Datamonitor looks at the sides being taken.

Round-Up - NPD: Coffee Pod Products and the Solid Waste Question 22 Jan 2014

The number of new coffee pod products on the market continues to rise, but environmental concerns threaten to stymie growth. Tom Vierhile from Datamonitor surveys the situation.

Round-Up - NPD: The Future of Plastic Beverage Packaging 26 Nov 2013

Returning from Mexico, Tom Vierhile from Datamonitor shares his thoughts on what plastic packaging has to offer, going forward.

Round-Up - NPD: Soft Drink Flavour Enhancers Look Like a Free-For-All in 2014 28 Oct 2013

This month, Tom Vierhile from Datamonitor looks at the small but booming soft drink sub-category of 'flavour enhancers'; the 21st Century's answer to the squashes and cordials of yore.

Round-Up - NPD: Hard Cider Looking to Move Beyond Niche Status in 2014 30 Sep 2013

Tom Vierhile considers the rise of cider - specifically, hard cider - in many markets around the world.

Round-Up - NPD: Will Summer Diet Soft Drink Swoon Jump Start CSD Innovation? 27 Aug 2013

Struggling sales for diet soft drinks should see a new wave of innovation break over the category. Tom Vierhile reports.

Round-Up - NPD: The Birth and Growth of the Craft Distillery Concept 23 Jul 2013

This month, Tom Vierhile from Datamonitor turns his attention to the burgeoning craft distilling scene in the US.

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