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Research in Focus

A look at the latest research, available in the just-drinks store.

Research in Focus - Smaller Emerging Markets still Important for Champagne 26 Aug 2014

The forecast gradual recovery of Champagne shipments to nearer their record level over the next four years will be borne primarily out of economic recovery in its powerhouse export markets, such as the UK and Germany, and, albeit more sluggishly, in France.

Research in Focus - Family Branding: Establishing Beverage Verticals for Parents and Children 25 Jul 2014

Consumer concerns over calorie and sugar content have undoubtedly been a major contributor to shifting consumer beverage choices, particularly in developed markets like the US, UK, and France.

Research in Focus - Mergers & Acquisitions in Alcoholic Drinks 28 May 2014

Mergers and acquisitions have to varying degrees been important in shaping the different alcoholic drinks categories.

Research in Focus - Connoisseurship and 'Terroir' take Malt Whisky to Record High 27 Mar 2014

The close affinity between Scotland and France dates back as far as the 13th Century and the Auld Alliance. In those days, it was primarily shared enmity and suspicion of England that bound the two nations together: Some might say still does.

Research in Focus - Cider's Potential Bubbles to the Surface 17 Mar 2014

Global manufacturers, orchards owners, and independent brewers are realising the potential in the cider/perry market beyond core markets, particularly the UK. Evolving cider/perry markets in Eastern Europe and New World markets, notably the US, Australia, South Africa, and Argentina, have driven growth in recent years.

Research in Focus - Craft Distillers Follow in the Little Footsteps of the Micro-Brewers 3 Mar 2014

The latest joint-report from just-drinks and The IWSR, published this week, looks at the non-scotch whisk(e)y category. Ben Cooper considers what the findings of this research mean for the smaller whisk(e)y distillers around the World.

Research in Focus - Smaller Packaging Increases Access, Raises Value in Emerging Asian Markets 25 Feb 2014

With challenges facing the CSD category at every turn, Euromonitor has spotted a surprise opportunity for producers, in some of the emerging markets of the World.

Research in Focus - Vodka and the Flavour Fatigue 7 Feb 2014

The flavoured vodka category has been a growth engine of the spirits sector for some time, but new research from just-drinks suggests that the sub-category no longer represents the easy route to growth or the obvious 'go to' option for new product development that it did a few years ago.

Research In Focus - Climate Change Altering Profile of European Wine Sector 10 Jan 2014

Climate change has significant implications for Europe's wine industry, according to a new just-drinks report. However, while rising temperatures are creating stern challenges for some of the region's most established wine-producing areas, wine production is becoming possible in northern regions where hitherto viticulture was not commercially viable. Ben Cooper reports.

Research In Focus - Vodka: Absolut game-changer 7 Oct 2013

Is there a brand that has exerted a more profound influence on a drinks category than Absolut Vodka? Ben Cooper doubts it.

Research in Focus - The Evolution of Energy: How a Shift in Focus Broadens Appeal 8 Aug 2013

As explored in Global Sports and Energy Drinks: Where Consumer Lifestyles and “Lifestyle Branding” Meet, energy drinks across the world are positioned and marketed in different ways.

Research in Focus - Ready for More Growth: RTDs Continue to Defy Doom-Mongers 2 Aug 2013

The ready-to-drink (RTD) category continues to offer growth potential for spirits producers while giving their brands access to consumption occasions they were traditionally excluded from and the opportunity to attract new consumers through product innovation.

Research in Focus - Challenges Facing Diageo in Spirits 1 Jul 2013

In a recently-published global briefing 'Diageo in Spirits', Euromonitor International’s senior alcoholic drinks analyst Jeremy Cunnington takes a look at what are the challenges facing Diageo in spirits as the new CEO Ivan Menezes takes charge.

Research in Focus - White Spirits: Grey Prospects & Golden Opportunities 30 May 2013

The white spirits category is merely an arbitrary pooling together of subsectors sharing some commonalities and more than a few major differences on the basis of the drinks’ primary colours. Euromonitor International’s latest global report ‘White Spirits: Grey Prospects and Golden Opportunities’ offers insights on this most ubiquitous of major alcoholic drinks segments. Senior analyst Spiros Malandrakis provides a brief glimpse of some of the key findings.

Research in Focus - Rum Set to Benefit from its Versatility 10 May 2013

The many facets of rum reflect a versatility that looks set to keep an already growing category moving in the right direction, according to a new report from just-drinks and The IWSR.

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