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Editor's Viewpoint - Spirits in China: The Blip is Here to Stay

17 April 2014

I'm calling it, people. Today is the day that I feel confident enough to conclude that the China 'crisis' is not a blip.

Editor's Viewpoint - Appointing a CEO: Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number

14 April 2014

How long is a satisfactory term for a CEO? Of course, there's two answers to this question: One if the company is publicly-listed, the other if it's a privately-held firm. Then, of course, there is the small matter of how the company – irrespective of ownership structure – is performing.

Editor's Viewpoint - Single Grain Scotch Scores with Diageo Beckham Tie-Up

9 April 2014

As one would expect, yesterday's news that Diageo is teaming up with model/team franchise investor/Jaguar brand ambassador/'celebrity' husband/retired footballer David Beckham got the wires burning red hot. So much so, that the partnership even warranted a kicking from alcohol issue charity Alcohol Concern this morning.

Editor's Viewpoint - FIFA World Cup: Official Tie-Ups Price Out Celebrity Endorsements

4 April 2014

We're just over two months away from the start of the biggest sporting event on earth: The FIFA World Cup kicks off on 12 June, when host country Brazil take on Croatia in the first match of the month-long tournament.

Editor's Viewpoint - Becherovka: Is Stock an Option?

3 April 2014

Reports this week that Pernod Ricard is looking to offload Czech liqueur brand Becherovka are on the money. Reuters' story on Tuesday (1 April) was not an April Fool.

Editor's Viewpoint – When Companies Argue about Who is Right, Both are Usually Wrong

20 March 2014

Unless it's you that is in the middle of the melee, there's nothing more thrilling than a good old street fight; be it in the playground, in a bar, in the street... . As the two (usually) men circle each other, fists raised and ready to wade in, it gets everyone's juices going, doesn't it?

Editor's Viewpoint - Brown-Forman for Sale? Keep it in The Family

11 March 2014

A few weeks ago, reports broke suggesting that Bacardi is set to embark on a shopping spree to plug the Bourbon gap in its portfolio.

Editor's Viewpoint - Martini and Formula One - A Match Made in... Bahrain?

7 March 2014

Yesterday morning, I headed into London to attend an event that had been shrouded in secrecy. All I knew was that it concerned Bacardi's Martini brand and - according to the agency - would be “very, very cool”.

Editor's Viewpoint - Scottish Independence - It's Okay to Have an Opinion

27 February 2014

On Thursday 18 September, the residents of Scotland will take to the polls to consider a question, their answer to which could have huge repercussions: "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

Editor's Viewpoint - Pernod Ricard: What Time Do You Call This?

18 February 2014

For as long as I've known the firm, Pernod Ricard has always carried itself with an air of Gallic insouciance:

Editor's Viewpoint - Marketing: Think Once. Think Twice. Think... Tweet?

11 February 2014

I'll freely admit to being addicted to social media. During work hours, I have to reign myself in on checking Facebook, but I forgive myself my Twitter usage while at the coal face, as sometimes – just sometimes – I use it “for work purposes”.

Editor's Viewpoint - Will Diageo's White Rum Foray Prompt Bacardi Buys?

6 February 2014

The launch of the latest addition to the white rum category will have some folk in Bermuda and Miami in a bit of a flap at the moment, I imagine.

Editor's Viewpoint - BrewDog Chooses a More Suitable Target

4 February 2014

Well, it appears that BrewDog's addiction to controversy is alive and (un)well. But, at least, the UK company's latest move has a more valid – albeit slightly bigger and more frightening – target in its sights.

Editor's Viewpoint - Jim Beam and Mila Kunis: The Dangers of 'Choice Female Hottie'

29 January 2014

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but something about Beam Inc's tie-up with actor Mila Kunis sits a little uncomfortably with me.

Editor's Viewpoint - Remy Cointreau's Bain de Sang

23 January 2014

From what I have heard today, what looks like a bit of a mess at Remy Cointreau is precisely that.

Editor's Viewpoint - The China Crisis Continues for International Spirits

22 January 2014

Plenty has already been said about the sticky situation that Remy Cointreau has found itself in in the last year, due mainly to its heavy dependency on Chinese fans of international spirits. Enough has also been said about Pernod Ricard's similar predicament.

Editor's Viewpoint - Diageo Buys DeLeon: What a Difference a Name Makes

9 January 2014

Even Diageo must have been surprised by the amount of headlines it garnered yesterday.

Editor's Viewpoint - Carling British cider: Brit-Ish

18 December 2013

While the Advertising Standards Authority has ruled in Molson Coors' favour this week, I can't help feeling that the brewer is not as far in the right as it would believe.

Editor's Viewpoint - Dewar's Think I'm Sexy?

11 December 2013

People do like to get offended, don't they? I mean, how many times a week do we see a “Twitter storm” or “launches petition” headline?

Editor's Viewpoint - Whyte & Mackay: Who's Your Daddy, Now?

25 November 2013

It would seem, then, that Whyte & Mackay is poised to welcome yet another new owner in the months to come.


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