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By: Larry Nelson

Comment - Beer - Nelson

The editor of Brewers' Guardian, Larry Nelson, provides his monthly take on the latest developments in the beer category.

Comment - Beer - Craft Beer: A Success By Any Definition

15 April 2014

As just-drinks publishes its latest on-trend report, which focuses on the craft beer sub-category, Larry Nelson ponders the future for the segment in its biggest market, the US.

Comment - Beer - BrewDog: Publicity Hounds

6 March 2014

This month, Larry Nelson has a challenge for those of you with an eye on the beer category. Pencils at the ready?

Comment - Beer - Remembering Graham Mackay

28 January 2014

Last month, the chairman and former CEO of SABMiller, Graham Mackay, passed away. Ahead of a memorial service in London later this week, Larry Nelson looks back at an extraordinary career.

Comment - Beer - Who's Big in Craft Beer

3 October 2013

The performance of the craft beer sub-category dominates the brewing headlines. Larry Nelson takes an in-depth look at the numbers and details Boston Beer Co's position as the driving force for craft in the US.

Comment - Beer - Mixing It Up

5 September 2013

Marketing a beer brand successfully has traditionally involved partnering with a big event and parting with big bags of cash. But, Larry Nelson has been introduced to a smaller, smarter way to push a beer.

Comment - Beer - The Never-Ending Rise of US Craft Beer

30 July 2013

Recent figures releases in the US suggest that the growth of craft beer in the country continues unabated. Larry Nelson takes a look at the numbers.

Comment - Beer - Twitter, Reconsidered

26 June 2013

This month, Larry Nelson prefers to keep it short.

Comment - Beer - When Self-Regulation Goes Wrong

29 April 2013

This month, Larry Nelson has spotted a flaw in the drinks industry's regulation of its own products.

Comment - Beer - Boiling Frogs & Beer Duty

19 March 2013

Tomorrow is Budget day here in the UK. Like most years, the days before the annual shake-up of the country's finances this week has seen the beer duty escalator return front of mind. Larry Nelson takes a look at what might happen to the controversial legislation tomorrow.

Comment - Beer - Reinheitsgebot Exegesis

6 March 2013

This month, Larry Nelson is starting the celebration of the Reinheitsgebot a little early. Looking back, however, has prompted Larry to look forward and ask; what future for the ancient beer law?

Comment - Beer - Defining Craft Beer

25 January 2013

He's back, Back, BACK. After an absence of almost two years, we're delighted to welcome Larry Nelson, the publisher of Brewers' Guardian, back into the just-drinks fold. and, to kick things off again, Larry would like to talk to you about craft beer.

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