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Focus - UK lawmakers look to rein in drinks companies 24 Jul 2008

Column: Focus

The consultation launched by the UK government this week represents a strong indication that it has lost patience with the drinks industry, and is moving towards introducing mandatory measures to replace self-regulatory ones. Ben Cooper analyses the reaction from industry bodies and campaigners, and assesses where this week’s announcement leaves the industry.

Focus - Rising cost of fruit puts pressure on juice prices 22 Jul 2008

Column: Focus

The shortfall in production and rising cost of fruit is causing anxiety among producers of fruit juices. Higher retail prices threaten to stem the strong growth of this dynamic category, and given that rising fruit juice consumption is making a positive contribution to the ‘5-a-day’ campaign, soft drinks companies are urging the UK government to reduce VAT on fruit juice. Annette Farr reports.

Focus - From slamming to sipping: How Tequila is growing up 17 Jul 2008

Column: Focus

The burgeoning market for ultra-premium offerings, particularly in the US, has provided the Tequila category with high-value growth, allowing it to move on from its ‘shooter and slammer’ image of old. Richard Woodard reports on the growth in sipping Tequilas, the debate over the Mexican spirit’s classification system, and the implications of the current over-supply of Tequila’s basic constituent ingredient, blue agave.

Focus - UK consumers continue to take to the (water) bottle 8 Jul 2008

Column: Focus

In spite of pressure from campaigners over the environmental impact of rising bottled water sales, per capita consumption continues to rise in the UK. And, writes Annette Farr, the recent mains water contamination scare in Northamptonshire provided an opportunity for some subtle point-scoring in the ‘tap versus bottle’ debate.

Focus - Inbev's move for Anheuser-Busch 12 Jun 2008

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InBev's announcement late yesterday (11 June) that it has made an offer to acquire Anheuser-Busch comes as little surprise. Speculation of a tie-up between the brewers has surfaced over the last 18 months or so. But the amount offered – US$65 per share – certainly looks enticing to A-B's shareholders. So, it's a done deal, yes? Olly Wehring takes a closer look at the offer.

Focus - Carbonates grow up and hit back 10 Jun 2008

Column: Focus

Blamed for contributing to rising obesity, traditional carbonated soft drinks, notably colas, have suffered in recent years. But the sector has responded with a plethora of new, healthier drinks, many targeted at the increasingly vibrant adult soft drinks market. Annette Farr takes a look at the new generation.

Focus - New FSA move on colourings leaves industry puzzled 1 May 2008

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The call by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) for the voluntary withdrawal of certain colourings, and its recommendation that British ministers push for a total ban in the EU, surprised observers from the industry and the campaigning community. The debate over the link between food colourings and hyperactivity now switches to the European arena. Ben Cooper reports.

Focus - Premium not the only growth opportunity in spirits 11 Apr 2008

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Focusing on premium brands may have been a priority for spirits producers in recent years but it is economy or standard products which still drive volume growth in many markets. Jeremy Cunnington of Euromonitor International takes a look at various blended Scotch and vodka markets around the world, identifying how important standard and economy products remain and the impact they are likely to have on future growth.

Focus - Argentina on crest of a wave 3 Apr 2008

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Having seen Chile blaze a trail in export markets, Argentina is now asserting itself in the international wine market. Moreover, writes Chris Losh, while Argentina boasts many of the same positive attributes that have benefited Chile, such as a fantastic climate and plenty of investment, it has the scale to exceed even Chile’s formidable performance.

Focus - Brewers and regulators both eyeing growth in strong beer 28 Mar 2008

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Strong beers may offer brewers significant growth potential but their perception as a cheap way of consuming alcohol puts them directly in the regulatory sights of governments looking to tackle excessive alcohol consumption and encourage responsible drinking. Catherine Mars, industry analyst for alcoholic drinks at Euromonitor International, reviews recent developments in this growth sector.

Focus - Bright future for South African soft drinks market 29 Feb 2008

Column: Focus

Notwithstanding a disappointing performance from carbonates in 2006 as a result of a C02 shortage, recent years have seen strong growth in the South African soft drinks market. Richard Corbett of research group Canadean analyses current market trends and assesses future growth potential.

Focus - Water brands look to build on Eastern European growth 22 Feb 2008

Column: Focus

Having overtaken carbonated soft drinks in volume terms last year, the bottled water category in Eastern Europe can look forward to further growth over the next five years. But, writes Rob Walker, industry analyst for non-alcoholic drinks at Euromonitor International, while rising incomes and changing aspirations offer significant opportunities for bottled water brands, the region’s demographics are not as favourable as other emerging markets.

Focus - Soft drinks makers reap superfruit dividend 8 Feb 2008

Column: Focus

Growing consumer interest in the health-enhancing properties of exotic fruits has proved a significant boon for the soft drinks industry. Most of these superfruits end up in juice form, writes Shane Starling, providing soft drinks producers with a constant stream of new product opportunities at premium price points.

FOCUS - Soft drinks brands target health-conscious women 3 Jan 2008

Column: Focus

The Christmas season may be a time notorious for over-indulgence, but soft drinks companies see it as a key period for adult soft drinks, where the emphasis is increasingly on healthy offerings. Annette Farr reports on the plethora of new products targeted at health-conscious professional women.

Focus - Drinks producers in European kids’ advertising initiative 24 Dec 2007

Column: Focus

A group of 11 major food and drinks companies have launched a new self-regulatory initiative in Europe under which they will voluntary make changes to how and what they advertise directly to children. Ben Cooper assesses the scope of the EU Pledge and its chances of success.