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Round-Up - New Product Development in the Global Drinks Industry

Every month, Tom Vierhile from Canadean considers the latest NPD in drinks.

Articles by Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director at Canadean

How can the juice segment avoid soft drinks' sugar war? - NPD round-up 24 November 2015

It is well known that carbonated soft drinks have a sugar - and obesity - problem that has led to steady sales erosion over the past decade. Less well known is that juice is suffering as much, if not more, from many of the same issues.

Bottled water may have found a solution to its plastic bottle problemNPD - Bottled water's plastic conundrum? Eat the bottle 26 October 2015

From a sales and growth perspective, there’s a lot to like about bottled water. With US per-capita consumption up just over 6% in 2014, according to Canadean, bottled water is helping beverage makers forget about steadily-shrinking sales of carbonated soft drinks. But, bottled water has issues of its own, primarily related to single-use plastic packaging, which is increasingly seen as wasteful and possibly even harmful to health.

NPD: The time for wheatgrass has arrived 24 September 2015

Wheatgrass has been a staple of the juicing community for nearly as long as there have been juicing machines. But, juicing can be messy, time-consuming, expensive and inconvenient. Consumers averse to making their own wheatgrass juice, shots or smoothies now have a growing array of packaged wheatgrass drinks to choose from as innovation in ready-to-drink wheatgrass takes off.

NPD: Soft drinks get hard - Round-up 19 August 2015

Soft drink sales may be slipping, but it seems that consumers have never really lost their taste for soft drink flavours. The surprising success of hard root beer is opening up a new vein of soft drink-inspired hard alcoholic beverage innovation that could be the biggest new opportunity in alcoholic drinks for quite some time.

Kombucha is set to hit the mainstreamRound-Up - NPD: Kombucha Vaults into the Mainstream 24 July 2015

To the uninitiated, kombucha is a strange fermented tea beverage with a bracing vinegar taste that has always resided outside of the mainstream.

Round-Up - NPD: The Clear Soft Drink Trend is Back 30 June 2015

Don’t look now, but one of the most memorable and controversial trends in soft drinks from the 1980s and 1990s – clear soft drinks – is staging a comeback. And, some of the iconic clear soft drinks of the period, including Original New York Seltzer, Clearly Canadian and maybe even Crystal Pepsi are leading the charge.

How can technology help consumers choose their wine?Round-Up - NPD: New Tools to Defuse the Wine Choice Explosion 27 May 2015

In this month's review of drinks NPD, Tom Vierhile considers how wine companies are helping consumers make their wine-purchasing decisions.

Round-Up - NPD: Are Fruit Juice Makers Throwing Away their Answer to the Sugar Content Conundrum? 23 April 2015

By taking the pulp out of their products, could fruit juice makers be missing a trick when it comes to consumers craving healthy alternatives? Tom Vierhile from Datamonitor delves deeper.

Round-Up - NPD: Let’s Get Slim: Mini Can Packaging Invigorates Soft Drinks and Beer 23 March 2015

The race for volume in the drinks industry is drawing to a close, with smaller packaging options coming to the fore, particularly in beer and soft drinks. Tom Vierhile from Datamonitor investigates.

Round-Up - NPD: Forget Craft Beer; Brewers go Crazy over Flavoured Malt “Cocktails” 25 February 2015

The beer industry’s obsession with craft beer may have hit a peak of sorts with Anheuser-Busch InBev’s snarky Super Bowl ad mocking craft beer lovers as soft and undeserving of “brewed the hard way” beer like Budweiser. Controversy aside, large brewers now seem to be looking beyond craft beer as the next great growth opportunity by embracing new flavoured malt beverages (FMBs) proliferating in cocktail-inspired flavours.

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