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Columns by Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director at Canadean

Round-Up - New Product Development in the Global Drinks IndustryRound-Up - New Product Development in the Global Drinks Industry

Every month, Tom Vierhile from Canadean considers the latest NPD in drinks.

Articles by Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director at Canadean

The Keurig Kold - one of the more expensive ways to offer consumers their own customisation experienceCustomisable drinks - The next consumer trend - NPD round-up 27 June 2016

It wasn't supposed to end like this – a refund of the full purchase price and a chance to forget the whole thing. Keurig Kold was viewed as a potential game-changer by The Coca-Cola Co; a "consumer engagement platform with unlimited potential". For Keurig Green Mountain, Keurig Kold was the entry ramp to a cold, non-alcoholic beverage category said to be five times larger than the hot drinks market. But, it didn't work out that way for either company and the experience offers a chance to reflect on beverage innovation itself.

Consumers don't want their protein drinks limited to just milkConsumers interest in protein prompting innovation beyond shakes and smoothies - NPD round-up 20 May 2016

Consumers interest in protein prompting innovation beyond shakes and smoothies

Premiumisation comes to the bottled water segment - NPD round-up 28 April 2016

It's good to be in the bottled water business. According to Canadean, packaged water sales are expected to drive almost all of the net growth in beverage consumption over the next five years in the US, as water continues to gain at the expense of carbonated soft drinks. Premium water could lead the next wave of growth thanks to a wave of recent new product innovation. 

The time has come for meat-based beverage innovation - NPD round-up 24 March 2016

Prior to 2014, few would have thought that drinking bone broth – one of the oldest mainstays of the culinary world – would become a thing. Drinking something viewed as a soup or meal ingredient was originally dismissed as a faddish obsession of the Paleo crowd. But, instead of flaming out, bone broth seems to have caught fire, as it moves from food service oddity to a potential player in functional beverages.

Cold brew coffee is set to be a popular trend Hot prospects for cold brew coffee - NPD round-up 26 February 2016

Move over iced coffee; cold brew coffee has your number. The average coffee drinker may not know the difference between iced coffee and cold brew coffee, but odds are that they will soon, as cold brew coffee takes shape as the beverage industry's next potential superstar. Few beverage concepts have gone from hipster favourite to mainstream must-have in as little time.

Could Milkadamia ride the macadamia milk wave?New product innovation fuels gains for milk alternatives - NPD round-up 27 January 2016

Milk alternatives may lack the advertising heft of CSDs, the share-of-stomach of bottled water, the sophistication of coffee or the mind-numbing innovation of craft beer. But, what they do possess is the fastest per-capita consumption growth of any non-alcoholic beverage category in the US, an achievement many product categories would be envious about.

How can the juice segment avoid soft drinks' sugar war? - NPD round-up 24 November 2015

It is well known that carbonated soft drinks have a sugar - and obesity - problem that has led to steady sales erosion over the past decade. Less well known is that juice is suffering as much, if not more, from many of the same issues.

Bottled water may have found a solution to its plastic bottle problemNPD - Bottled water's plastic conundrum? Eat the bottle 26 October 2015

From a sales and growth perspective, there’s a lot to like about bottled water. With US per-capita consumption up just over 6% in 2014, according to Canadean, bottled water is helping beverage makers forget about steadily-shrinking sales of carbonated soft drinks. But, bottled water has issues of its own, primarily related to single-use plastic packaging, which is increasingly seen as wasteful and possibly even harmful to health.

NPD: The time for wheatgrass has arrived 24 September 2015

Wheatgrass has been a staple of the juicing community for nearly as long as there have been juicing machines. But, juicing can be messy, time-consuming, expensive and inconvenient. Consumers averse to making their own wheatgrass juice, shots or smoothies now have a growing array of packaged wheatgrass drinks to choose from as innovation in ready-to-drink wheatgrass takes off.

NPD: Soft drinks get hard - Round-up 19 August 2015

Soft drink sales may be slipping, but it seems that consumers have never really lost their taste for soft drink flavours. The surprising success of hard root beer is opening up a new vein of soft drink-inspired hard alcoholic beverage innovation that could be the biggest new opportunity in alcoholic drinks for quite some time.

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