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Ray Rowlands

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Educated at Reading University Ray Rowlands has over 30 years experience in international beverage research having worked for such companies as Canadean, IWSR and Nielsen.

He has his own independent company called Drinksinfo Ltd from which he offers a wide range of services to the beverage industry.

He is currently based in Suffolk, UK.

Columns by Ray Rowlands

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - What Does Ray Say?Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - What Does Ray Say?

Ray Rowlands from market research firm DrinksInfo gives his monthly view on the latest issues affecting the soft drinks & water categories

Articles by Ray Rowlands

Indonesia is widely-believed to be one of the next wave of emerging markets for drinks producers to targetHow can the Coca-Cola system make hay in Indonesia? - Comment 8 September 2015

This month, Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo Ltd puts the spotlight on Indonesia and examines The Coa-Cola Co’s commitment, and that of its regional bottler CCA, to investing in this potentially bountiful Asian market.

Tesco will withdraw full-sugar variants of Capri-Sun, Ribena and Rubicon from its childrenComment - Soft Drinks & Water - Tesco’s Random Attack on (Some) Soft Drinks 4 August 2015

This month, Drinksinfo's Ray Rowlands looks at UK supermarket chain Tesco's decision to pull certain soft drinks brands from its shelves.

Stubborn Soda is PepsiCoComment - Soft Drinks & Water - Soda Making is a Craft 8 July 2015

Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo Ltd takes a crafty look at what PepsiCo is doing in its attempt to reverse the downward trend in the US soda market.

IrelandComment - Soft Drinks & Water - Can Ireland Realise its Potential? 12 June 2015

Ray Rowlands, of Drinksinfo Ltd, turns his attention to the oft-overlooked Irish soft drinks market and considers its potential, relative to its larger neighbour, the UK.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Bottled Water - Will the Sweetener Battle turn Sour? 5 May 2015

Following the announcement that PepsiCo is dropping aspartame from its diet cola in the US, Drinksinfo's Ray Rowlands analyses the potential effect this could have on the country's soda market in general and on the company in particular.

The merger between Heinz and Kraft Foods isnComment - Soft Drinks & Water - Kraft, Heinz and the Merger Landscape 7 April 2015

Following the announcement that Kraft Foods and Heinz are to merge, Ray Rowlands looks at some other actual - and would-be - company unions and asks, who might be next?

Many soft drinks companies have launched their new ideas in AustraliaComment - Soft Drinks & Water - Is Australia the Real Home of Innovation? 3 March 2015

Having recently returned from Australia, Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo Ltd, takes a look at some of the recent soft drinks developments he encountered Down Under and draws the conclusion that, rather than being an isolated backwater, Australia is actually at the cutting edge of innovation.

Authorities in Mexico introduced a tax on full-sugar soft drinks in January last yearComment - Soft Drinks & Bottled Water - Things are Big, Down Mexico Way 3 February 2015

It's to Mexico for Ray Rowlands this month. How have the soft drinks and bottled water categories fared, one year on from the introduction of a tax on full-sugar drinks in the country?

What does 2015 have in store for the soft drinks and bottled water categories?Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Ringing in the New Year 6 January 2015

Now that the Champagne corks have finished popping and the fireworks are all but a pleasant memory, Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo Ltd says goodbye to the old year and contemplates some of the issues facing the soft drinks industry in 2015.

POM Wonderful is among the companies to have spotted the opportunity from having distinctive packaging Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Packaging: an Innovation Roller Coaster 13 November 2014

Soft drinks packaging has seen many changes over the years. Here, Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo Ltd examines the current trends and predicts that the innovation roller coaster is unlikely to end soon

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