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PepsiCo will be hoping that its letter to Trian will mark the end of the split rowUS: PepsiCo board rejects latest split call

28 February 2014

PepsiCo has written directly to Trian Partners, rejecting the fund management company's latest demand to split the firm's beverage and snack divisions into two companies.

Comment: Breakfast Drinks are No Silver Bullet

4 July 2013

As manufacturers look to revitalise a lacklustre cereal category and win back the growing number of "breakfast skippers" in the US, they are increasingly focusing on convenient options such as breakfast drinks. However, could those preparing to compete in this burgeoning sub-sector be embarking on a rocky road? Katy Askew argues breakfast drinks do not necessarily represent a silver bullet as the industry looks to provide the US breakfast category with a much needed shot in the arm.

WelchUS: Welch's in row with watchdog over health claims

15 August 2012

Welch's has rejected allegations its fruit-based products, including juices, fail to justify the health claims on their labelling.

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