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Comment - Spirits - Buxton: Banging the DramComment - Spirits - Buxton: Banging the Dram

Augmenting our spirits coverage, Ian Buxton will be casting his eye over the brown side of the sector on a monthly basis.

Articles by Ian Buxton

Have brown spirits companies got their Millennial targeting right?Are Millennials too young for brown spirits? - Comment 15 March 2017

This month, just-drinks' brown spirits commentator, Ian Buxton, considers the sector's efforts to entice the Millennial consumer into the fray.

What has 2017 got in store for the whisk(e)y category?What's coming up in spirits in 2017? - Predictions for the Year Ahead - Comment 1 February 2017

Rounding off our series of predictions for the year ahead, Ian Buxton gives us his forecasts for whisk(e)y in the next 12 months.

Two years on from Bushmills' change of owner, where is the Irish whiskey segment today?Is Irish whiskey ready to recognise its potential? - Comment 29 November 2016

One of the more lively spirits sectors in recent years, Irish whiskey is certainly on the up. But, on the second anniversary of Bushmills' change of ownership, Ian Buxton asks if the country's distillers are in danger of over-stating Irish whiskey's prospects.

Scotch whisky figures released last month showed half-year volume growth for the first time in three yearsWhat have we learned from Scotch whisky's performance in 2016? - Comment 4 October 2016

This month, spirits commentator Ian Buxton ponders the conclusions bandied about following the publication of Scotch whisky export numbers for the first six months of 2016.

What shape is craft spirits' future in?Craft spirits shake-out will be just the beginning - Comment 23 August 2016

As just-drinks white spirits commentator, Richard Woodard, noted earlier this month, we are experiencing a latter-day Gin Craze. But, here in the 21st Century, this is no Hogarthian excess: This boom in small batch spirits is a further manifestation of the global development of craft distilling. Far from slowing down, the craft distilling movement appears to be gathering pace and attracting ever greater interest from consumers and industry giants.

What role will single malt play in Scotch whisky's future?Is single malt really the Great White Hope for Scotch whisky? - Comment 5 May 2016

Although the global sales of Scotch whisky may have declined by around one quarter in volume terms in the past decade - slipping by 3% in 2014 alone, if you believe the optimistic statements of industry leaders, you'd be forgiven for thinking that all is for the best in this best of possible worlds.

High-end spirits iterations like Johnnie Walker's Diamond Jubilee provide a halo effect for the brand's full portfolioWhy spirits marketers should be proud of their luxury efforts - Comment 31 March 2016

Earlier this month, at the annual CAGE conference in London, LVMH CFO Jean-Jacques Guiony presented an eye-opening look at how the luxury goods category operates. What can the spirits category learn from Guiony’s observations? Ian Buxton takes a look.

Why is China good for one Cognac producer, and bad for another? - Comment 1 March 2016

Considering the disparity of performances from Cognac brand owners in China, I've been looking at what's really happening within the country, and have been talking to some brands about their varying strategies and view of future prospects. First, let's look at the numbers.

Islay whisky is booming, says Ian BuxtonWhat's so special about Islay anyway? - Comment 2 February 2016

The news that Hunter Laing & Co has committed GBP8m (US$11.4m) to move from independent bottler to full-blown distiller by building its own, brand-new distillery on Islay got me thinking: What makes the place so special? After all, it's hardly the only Scottish island with a distillery.

Still manufacturers appear to be struggling under the weight of demandCan still makers cope with the craft spirits explosion? - Comment 23 October 2015

Much has been written recently about the impact of the boom in craft distilling on the spirits sector. Depending on your point of view it offers colour, variety and innovation or possibly is nothing more than a minor diversion of little long-term significance and trivial volumes.

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