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Comment - Spirits - Buxton: Banging the DramComment - Spirits - Buxton: Banging the Dram

Augmenting our spirits coverage, Ian Buxton will be casting his eye over the brown side of the sector on a monthly basis.

Articles by Ian Buxton

What have craft spirits ever done for us? - Comment 22 September 2015

Much has been made of the effect that the rise of the craft spirits segment has had on the broader spirits category. Ian Buxton, however, believes that effect isn't quite as powerful as some have previously feared.

Has rye been rescued from the bottom shelf?Rye: No Longer on the Rocks - Comment 18 August 2015

The brown spirits category continues to see segments rise and fall in popularity. This month, Ian Buxton looks at rye, which has surprised many with its recent return to form.

Comment - Spirits - How Cognac Views the China Storm 28 July 2015

Ian Buxton has just returned from Cognac. Much as he expected to see a gloomy fug over the region, he was surprised by the upbeat air among its spirits producers.

Comment – Spirits – Irish Whiskey: Large Eyes, But a Small Pie? 18 June 2015

The clamour in recent years to enter the Irish whiskey category suggests that the segment is poised to become the next big thing. But, with one brand dominating the sector massively, are the prospects for growth really all they're cracked up to be? Ian Buxton considers.

Comment - Spirits - Is Marketing Twisting the Meanings of Words? 21 May 2015

In the battle for consumers' hearts and minds, are drinks companies overlooking the widely-held definitions of words and phrases? Is there leeway to argue that certain terms may not mean exactly what consumers perceive? Ian Buxton considers the evidence.

Comment - Spirits - 'Craft' and the Danger of 'Romance Copy' 26 March 2015

A storm appears to be brewing in the spirits category and it's a storm borne out of marketing. Can spirits companies settle the terminology tiff before things get out of hand, or is it too late? Ian Buxton investigates.

Would you describe Jameson, which accounts for 62% of all Irish whiskey sales. as Comment - Spirits - Where does 'Craft' End and 'Mass' Begin? 24 February 2015

In spirits, the craft segment is making hay, with consumers buying into the category's more artisanal, less global approach. But, where is the line drawn between craft distilling and mass distilling? Ian Buxton investigates.

Is the Scotch whisky category on the way down?Comment - Spirits - Where Next for Scotch Whisky? 29 January 2015

The Scotch whisky category appears to have hit a tipping point. What does the future look like for the until-recently booming category? Ian Buxton voices his concerns.

Can dark rum stand out from the crowd?Comment - Spirits - Is the Golden Age of Rum Upon Us? 4 December 2014

Long touted as the natural successor to single malt whiskies, premium and super-premium rums have yet to make a dramatic impact on consumers. Could that be about to change? Ian Buxton takes a closer look.

Scotch whisky exports slipped 11% in 2013 Comment - Spirits - Has Scotch Whisky Jumped the Shark? 30 October 2014

It may be age, but spirits commentator Ian Buxton is feeling somewhat jaded at the moment. Efforts by some Scotch whisky producers to entice consumers to trade up have left Buxton asking: Is the category at its 'shark-jumping' peak?

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