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Comment - Spirits - Buxton: Banging the DramComment - Spirits - Buxton: Banging the Dram

Augmenting our spirits coverage, Ian Buxton will be casting his eye over the brown side of the sector on a monthly basis.

Articles by Ian Buxton

English whisky distilleries have been popping up across the country Comment - Spirits - English Whisky Comes in from the Cold 17 June 2014

With all eyes turned to Scotland ahead of September’s independence vote some enterprising English distillers are making their own plans to turn the tables on the Scots. Yes, English whisky is back – and this time it seems it is here to stay, says Ian Buxton

Drambuie was put up for sale last weekComment - Spirits - Drambuie For Sale 27 May 2014

Last week, the owner of Drambuie put the Scotch whisky liqueur brand up for sale. Ian Buxton considers Drambuie's history and the potential runners and riders.

Comment - Spirits - The Great Bourbon Shortage 15 May 2014

It looks like Sazerac Co's warning a year ago that the world is running out of Bourbon has finally peaked. Earlier this week, the company said it is still short and there's no end in sight. Ian Buxton runs the rule over the matter.

Comment - Spirits - The Irish Whiskey Association 22 April 2014

Earlier this month, the Irish Whiskey Association came into being. Ian Buxton looks at the category and considers why it is needed and what it will do.

Comment - Spirits - Are We Running Out of Casks? 25 March 2014

As the Scotch whisky industry appears to expand with gay abandon, Ian Buxton takes a look up the supply chain and asks if there's enough wood in them thar hills to hold the stuff.

Comment - Spirits - Scottish Independence: It's Time to Speak 4 March 2014

It is almost six months until Scotland decides. Will the country vote for independence from the UK on 18 September? Ian Buxton has a few thoughts on the matter, and he's surprised that the Scotch whisky industry doesn't appear to have any.

Comment - Spirits - Beam Inc & Suntory: What Might it Mean for Scotch? 27 January 2014

Just before January is out, Ian Buxton is here for his first comment piece of 2014, and he's keen to consider what the fist big M&A transacion of the year will mean in the Scotch whisky industry.

Comment - Spirits - Irish Whiskey: Set to Cause a Rattle & Hum? 29 October 2013

The recent spate of activity in the Irish whiskey category suggests that the sub-category is looking to make waves in the spirits world. Ian Buxton takes a closer look and considers whether all the fuss is justified.

Comment - Spirits - I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help 25 September 2013

The results of a consultation document regarding veryfing the geographical origin and production and aging processes for Scotch whisky will be published in the coming weeks. But, asks, Ian Buxton, is such a procedure necessary? And, what does the industry think?

Comment - Spirits - Searching for the Next Johnnie Walker 20 August 2013

This month, Ian Buxton runs the rule over Diageo's recently-announced spirits start-up support programme.

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