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Research in Focus - Global Brewers’ 2014 Results: Champions and Disappointments 19 March 2015

Global beer market volume sales in 2014 were forecast to grow by 2%, according to Euromonitor International, primarily driven by the top five global brewers, which account for 48% of global sales.

HerePreview of the Year - 2015 - Part II: Beer, Chapter I 30 January 2015

The second part of January's management briefing, which previews the year ahead for the global drinks industry, is itself a two-parter. Here, Spiros Malandrakis, senior alcoholic drinks analyst at Euromonitor International considers the four key trends facing the beer category.

Euromonitor International considers the alcoholic drinks industry’s key regional narrativesResearch in Focus - Fading Recovery, Fresh Downside Risks and Hidden Potential 19 November 2014

Fresh geopolitical, macroeconomic and legislative headwinds are hitting emerging markets once hailed as the engine securing the global alcoholic drinks industry’s relative resilience. At the same time, western markets are battling lingering maturity while going through a transformational stage in terms of shifting drinking patterns, innovation initiatives and opportunities presented by the millennial generation coming of age. Euromonitor's senior alcoholic drinks analyst, Spiros Malandrakis, deconstructs the industry’s key regional narratives, highlighting key learning’s from across the globe.

Research in Focus - NPD in Alcoholic Drinks: Themes, Examples and Glimpses of the Future 1 October 2014

New product developments are evolving and gaining prominence in an era of fierce competition for share of throat and wallet, against the backdrop of a rapidly depleting acquisition pool. Identifying the key themes driving innovation, realising their cross-category relevance and moving beyond trade taboos and stereotypes is essential for securing success as the ripple effects of the recession and fresh emerging-market volatility are transforming drinking habits and rituals.

Global brewers on consolidation hunt - video 30 September 2014

SABMiller's bid for Heineken earlier this month has reignited the possibility for major consolidations in the global beer market, which hasn't seen much movement in that direction in recent years.

CHILE: Rum on the slide - video 24 September 2014

The rum category has had a torrid time in Chile over the past three years, with volumes plunging and international brands exiting.

Research in Focus - How Can 100% Juice Stay Strong in the Gulf States? 23 September 2014

Last year, the Middle East and Africa (MENA) accounted for just 8% of total juice volumes. Yet, this unremarkable position in the global juice category belies a very strong regional growth story, with high single-digit growth in the region’s most important national markets.

Research in Focus - Challenges Facing Diageo in Spirits 1 July 2013

In a recently-published global briefing 'Diageo in Spirits', Euromonitor International’s senior alcoholic drinks analyst Jeremy Cunnington takes a look at what are the challenges facing Diageo in spirits as the new CEO Ivan Menezes takes charge.

Research in Focus - White Spirits: Grey Prospects & Golden Opportunities 30 May 2013

The white spirits category is merely an arbitrary pooling together of subsectors sharing some commonalities and more than a few major differences on the basis of the drinks’ primary colours. Euromonitor International’s latest global report ‘White Spirits: Grey Prospects and Golden Opportunities’ offers insights on this most ubiquitous of major alcoholic drinks segments. Senior analyst Spiros Malandrakis provides a brief glimpse of some of the key findings.

Preview of the Year - 2013 - Part V: Wine 31 January 2013

The final part of Euromonitor's preview of the year ahead for the global drinks industry sees senior alcoholic drinks analysts Spiros Malandrakis and Jeremy Cunnington turn the spotlight on the wine category.

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