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Chris LoshBiography

Chris Losh has been writing about drinks for 15 years and still doesn’t wear a tweed jacket.

He has edited Wine and Spirit International and Wine Magazine. He has written columns for just-drinks for ten years and is never short of opinions, some of which may even not be completely wrong.

Columns by Chris Losh

Comment - Wine - The Losh CauseComment - Wine - The Losh Cause

Chris Losh looks at the latest issues affecting the global wine industry.

Articles by Chris Losh

A lively couple of months in the global wine industry has Chris Losh jumping for joyComment - Wine - Treasury Wine Estates, PLB, Bibendum: Finally Lively in Wine 6 November 2014

This month, Chris Losh not only welcomes a spate of M&A activity in the wine world, he positively bathes in it, with Treasury WIne Estates, PLB and Bibendum feeling the warmth of his spotlight.

Comment - Wine - Three Questions the Drinks Industry Needs to Find Answers To 16 October 2014

As the alcoholic drinks industry emerges bruised and battered from media and health lobby attacks, Chris Losh offers three questions for us all to consider.

Comment - Wine - Can the New World Learn a Lesson from the Old? 16 September 2014

This month, Chris Losh turns his attention to Chile, a wine-producing nation that could be on the cusp of something big, provided it looks to the past to help model its future.

Comment - Wine - Not on the List 10 July 2014

This month, Chris Losh sets his sights on wine lists and finds a world of unnecessary complexity. Does it have to be this way?

Comment - Wine - The Dangers of Natural Wine 3 June 2014

Chris Losh has had a rather unsavoury moment with a natural wine. Brace yourselves.

Comment - Wine - How Would You Like to Pay? Cash, Card or 'Phone? 8 May 2014

A self-confessed Luddite, Chris Losh has had his eyes opened this month to the future of transaction payment. Could the smartphone be the silver bullet for the wine industry?

Comment - Wine - Old World Problems Proffer New World Opportunity 8 April 2014

In recent years, the wine producers from the Old World have struggled with weak harvests. The issue has provided a perfect opportunity for the New World to make hay. But, how successful have the likes of Argentina, Australia, Chile and New Zealand been? Chris Losh takes a look.

Comment - Wine - Pushing the Moderate Message 11 March 2014

Ahead of next week's UK Budget, Chris Losh bemoans the fiscal pressures placed on the drinks industry. Could we not trumpet our good sides, he asks?

Comment - Wine - China's Wine Wave and Spirits' Lessons 6 February 2014

With recent claims that China has become the world’s biggest consumer of red wine, Chris Losh considers what wine producers can learn from the current travails facing international spirits companies in the country.

Disclaimer: Some of these predictions will not come true thiis year. Or any year.Comment - Wine - Losh's Chris-tal Ball: 2014. Part II 16 January 2014

Here, for your delectation, is part two of Chris Losh's predictions for the wine world in 2014. Part one can be found here.

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