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Chris Losh has been writing about drinks for 15 years and still doesn’t wear a tweed jacket.

He has edited Wine and Spirit International and Wine Magazine. He has written columns for just-drinks for ten years and is never short of opinions, some of which may even not be completely wrong.

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Comment - Wine - The Losh CauseComment - Wine - The Losh Cause

Chris Losh looks at the latest issues affecting the global wine industry.

Articles by Chris Losh

Around 100 hectares of Chile's vines were destroyed by fire earlier this yearChile's wine future burned by wild fires - Comment 9 February 2017

Wild fires hit the Chilean - and then global - headlines earlier this month. The subsequent damage to some of the country's vineyards may have affected just a few, but, as Chris Losh observes, that damage could have catastrophic consequences for Chile's flag-bearing wine makers.

What does 2017 have is store for the wine category?What's coming up in wine in 2017? - Predictions for the Year Ahead - Comment 12 January 2017

Throughout this month, just-drinks' regular category commentators will be sharing their predictions for the year ahead. First up is Chris Losh, who flags what we should look out for in 2017.

Are the world's vineyards home to younger folk that we haven't yet heard of?Where have all wine's young guns gone? - Comment 10 November 2016

As the drinks world is lit up by new spins on established sectors, Chris Losh considers whether the wine category risks getting left behind by the International Bright Young Things.

The irrigation of vineyards has become a struggle in several wine regionsWhy wine has become a slave to water - Comment 11 October 2016

The importance of water in the production of wine has grown in recent years, to such an extent that many wine companies are struggling. Chris Losh considers where irrigation has become a problem issue.

That 'the Chinese are coming' is not news to the wine world, but it is the country's production capabilities that could surprise manyWhy China is as much about wine production as wine consumption - Comment 8 September 2016

Looking through the mist, Chris Losh can see China's wine production efforts becoming of greater importance to the wine world than the country's potential to consume the stuff.

Who's a wine winner after Brexit?Why Brexit is a disaster for the wine category - Comment 5 July 2016

The UK's referendum rejection of the European Union is bad news for the wine trade, the UK and the EU itself, argues Chris Losh as he pores over the entrails of a slaughtered sacred cow in search of enlightenment.

How north/south is too north/south for the world's vineyards?Is the wine industry prepared for the environmental changes ahead? - Comment 9 June 2016

Late last month, Chris Losh attended the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium, held in Brighton on the south coast of England. Among the presentations over the three days, delegates heard plenty of talk about the weather - something not uncommon in the UK.

The wine category needs to work to keep consumers on-side, argues Chris LoshIs the wine industry confusing its consumers? - Comment 3 May 2016

This month, Chris Losh considers trends in the wine industry that risk at best confusing consumers or, at worst, alienating them altogether.

Is the wine industry failing to engage with the broader wine consumer?Is the wine industry guilty of talking only to itself? - Comment 5 April 2016

As long-standing a wine commentator as Chris Losh has seen trends come and go. But, how successful has the wine category been at following - or even setting - these trends?

Will New Zealand's reliance on Sauvignon Blanc prove the country's undoing?Is the end nigh for Sauvignon Blanc? - Comment 15 March 2016

This month, Chris Losh looks at Sauvignon Blanc, a varietal synonymous with - and dominant in - New Zealand. Has Sauvignon Blanc hit the top and had to stop?

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