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Ben Cooper

Ben CooperBiography

Ben Cooper is just-drinks' sustainable business editor and specialises in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, policy issues and sustainability. He holds MAs from Cambridge University and the University of London, respectively in Social and Political Sciences and Social Policy.

He joined the just-drinks editorial team in 2000 and today works across both just-drinks and just-food, while also writing occasionally for just-style.

In addition to his regular features, Ben has written numerous in-depth management briefings on issues such as alcohol policy, sponsorship, the Fairtrade market, the use of food colourings and environmental issues facing the clothing industry. He also writes regularly for Ethical Corporation magazine which specialises in the corporate social responsibility field.

He lives in London where he also works as a professional singer.

Columns by Ben Cooper

Sustainability in DrinksSustainability in Drinks

Every month, Ben Cooper casts his eye over sustainability efforts in the global drinks industry.

Articles by Ben Cooper

Research in Focus - Cachaça seeks "Brand Brasil" bounce 14 July 2014

Now would seem an opportune time to assess the current fortunes and potential for Brazil's national spirit, cachaça, and a new joint-report from The IWSR and just-drinks has done just that.

GLOBAL: Cachaca sales fall to new low - research 14 July 2014

Global sales of cachaça fell by 3.2% in 2013 to reach a record low of 79.38m cases, according to data from a new IWSR/just-drinks report.

Sustainability in Soft Drinks - Part I: Engaging with External Stakeholders 27 June 2014

The first part of our management briefing on environmental sustainability in soft drinks sees Ben Cooper look at the need to keep your friends close but your so-called 'enemies' closer.

Sustainability in Soft Drinks - Part II: Challenging Views and Common Ground 27 June 2014

In part two of this month's management briefing, which focuses on the soft drinks category, Ben Cooper highlights the importance of listening to external stakeholders, even if you don't like what they're saying.

Sustainability in Soft Drinks - Part III: Risks, Opportunities and Investor Engagement 27 June 2014

In the penultimate part of this month's management briefing, which looks at environmental sustainability in the soft drinks category, Ben Cooper considers what is meant by the term stakeholder and how important gauging risk is to future success.

Sustainability in Soft Drinks - Part IV: Agricultural Supply Chains 27 June 2014

Ben Cooper goes back to the fields in this, the final part of just-drinks' management briefing on environmental sustainability in the soft drinks category.

Sustainability in Drinks - A Big Week in the Year of Sugar 24 June 2014

The spotlight in the fight over sugar is on the UK this month. Ben Cooper considers what appears to be an important stage in the battle.

GinGLOBAL: Gin's fortunes set to improve - research 12 June 2014

The gin category can look forward to a positive future, in spite of the overall market being flat at 45.3m cases in 2013, according to new research from just-drinks and The IWSR.

Research in Focus - Research Highlights Gin's Hidden Premium Trend 12 June 2014

The global category figures may not look that encouraging but a new joint-report from just-drinks and The IWSR points to better fortunes for the gin market.

Sustainability in Drinks - Companies Can't Rest on their Laurels 28 May 2014

In this month's look at sustainability issues in the drinks industry, Ben Cooper argues that, however much has been done in the past in this arena. there is always more that can - and should - be done going forward.

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