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Andy Morton

Andy MortonBiography

Andy Morton started out in journalism in Glasgow, where he wrestled in mashed potato and wrote about Highland cows.

Tiring of the high-brow, he travelled the world working as an itinerant sub-editor in cities including Taipei, Sydney and Shanghai. While in Hanoi, he brought to the world's attention the Scottish-Vietnamese fusion dish dog haggis.

He is now back in the UK with just-drinks after four years in Chengdu, China.

Articles by Andy Morton

Remy released its H1 results last weekAnalysis - Remy Cointreau and the "dead-cat bounce" 20 October 2014

An analyst has said that Cognac is headed for a “dead-cat bounce” in the next six months as the current downward trends reverse into a slight upward blip.

Coca-Cola will announce its Q3 & YTD results tomorrowjust The Preview - The Coca-Cola Co's Q3 & YTD 20 October 2014

The Coca-Cola Co will report its year-to-date results tomorrow. Here, just-drinks takes a look at the company's highs and lows in the three months to the end of September:

Isle of Arran Brewery opens US import office 20 October 2014

The Isle of Arran Brewery has said its beers will be available to US wholesalers from next year after establishing its own US import company.

India's beer lobby calls for tax law rethink - report 20 October 2014

India's beer industry has called on the government to end laws that tax the category at the same rate as spirits, according to a report.

Product Launch - Pernod Ricard's Kenwood Vineyards 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon Artist Series 20 October 2014

Pernod Ricard's California winery, Kenwood Vineyards, which was purchased in May, has launched a Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 vintage in a limited-edition bottle.

Diageo puts Beckham centre stage in new Haig Club ad - video 17 October 2014

Diageo has unveiled the first TV ad for its David Beckham-backed single grain Scotch whisky, Haig Club.

US health groups have sugar in their sightsComment – Bloomberg Legacy Lives on in Coast-to-Coast Soda Fight 17 October 2014

This week, health advocates in the Californian city of Berkeley fighting to pass a tax on sugary beverages received a surprising boost to their cause; a cheque for US$85,000.

The premium range was launched yesterdayTreasury Wine Estates unveils Penfolds range after CEO's "bold" switch 17 October 2014

A senior executive at Treasury Wine Estates' (TWE) Penfolds unit has praised CEO Michael Clarke for his decision to bring forward the launch of Penfolds' premium collection.

Product Launch - Accolade Wines' Babycham Cream Soda, Cherry Soda 17 October 2014

Accolade Wines has unveiled two flavour extensions for Babycham, the first additions to the sparkling perry's portfolio since its launch in 1953.

Coca-Cola releases its YTD results next weekThe Coca-Cola Co board approves new VP, confirms dividend 17 October 2014

The Coca-Cola Co has promoted its investor relations director to become one of its vice-presidents after 18 years with the company.

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