Non-Scotch Whisky Essentials 2016

Non-Scotch Whisky Essentials 2016

just-drinks, in association with The IWSR, presents this six-part review of the non-Scotch whisky category. In part three, we look at what the future trends will be for the sector.

Non-Scotch whisky is poised to continue its recent growth trajectory, adding 74m cases of sales in the 2015-2020 period - but nearly 57m cases of this growth will come from the low-value Indian market.

However, US whiskey is set to exploit its relative lack of historic penetration in international markets, with tantalising prospects for growth in emerging and established Western destinations alike.

Meanwhile, Irish whiskey producers want to break out of their reliance on the US for sales, expanding into new markets from China to Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa. 

A number of European markets offer good prospects for non-Scotch whisky growth in the years ahead, most notably the UK, France, Germany and Poland. Elsewhere, Nigeria, Japan and Russia look promising, but Spain, Brazil and Canada offer fewer opportunities for expansion.

Top 20 fastest growing non-Scotch whiskies markets, 2014-2019 ('000s nine-litre cases, '14-'19 volume growth)

RankMarket vol 2014 vol 2015 vol 2016 vol 2017 vol 2018 vol 2019 vol change ‘14-’19
2United States43,937.5045,918.5047,621.5049,250.0050,609.0051,905.007,967.50
4Travel retail2,484.652,641.852,802.952,932.703,060.803,176.05691.4
6United Kingdom1,834.001,916.252,040.002,159.752,253.252,346.75512.75
8Northern Emirates2,019.002,072.252,125.252,228.502,281.752,385.00366
13Sri Lanka138158.25178.75199.25244.5280142
16South Africa1,410.251,415.501,425.751,450.001,474.001,492.7582.5

Source: The IWSR

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All data has been sourced from just-drink's joint report with The IWSR, Global Non-Scotch Whisky Insights.

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Global non-Scotch whiskies insights - market forecasts, product innovation and consumer trends

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