This issue of the Global New Products Database from Mintel takes us to bed. The majority of this month's launches prepare consumers for a pleasant night in the sack. However, additions to Coke and Sprite's stables complete an interesting bout of NPD activity for February.

Gourmet microwave Irish coffee
A company in Ireland has launched a new, 'convenient' Irish coffee, designed for microwave preparation. Shannon's Irish Coffee, from Saint Brendan's Irish Cream Liqueur Company, is made with aged Irish whiskey and double cream, and contains 11% alcohol by volume. It is presented in a stemmed drinking glass with a handle, sealed with a foil lid, with the layers of coffee and cream "set" until it is heated in a microwave oven for 45 seconds. It is said to be ideal as a luxurious treat for one, or perfect for a romantic meal for two.

D'aim cappuccino
Within the Hot Beverages market chocolate and coffee blends continue to appear, with some interesting co-branded ideas. Confectionery brands are often used, with previous new-product examples including Nescafé Frothy instant coffee, flavoured with Butterfinger brand candy (from Nestlé), and Jacobs Family Choco Cappuccino, with a Milka brand chocolate flavour (from Kraft Foods). The latest chocolate brand to join the Jacobs cappuccino fold in Germany is D'aim from Kraft Foods. The new product comprises single sachets of Jacobs Choco Cappuccino with soft melting crispy D'aim chocolate bits.

What's your tea type?
For those seeking more personal, consumer-specific products, New Chapter presents, in the US, D'Adama 4 Your Type Well-Being Tea Blends. Based on Dr Peter D'Adamo's best-selling Eat Right 4 Your Type book, these teas are formulated for specific blood types; type B, type A, type O, and type AB!

Bedtime milk
Otsuka Pharmaceutical in Japan has introduced Nemu, a liquid milk sweetened with xylitol. It is made only with milk which has been produced from cows at night. This is presumably because cows' melatonin levels are highest at night, and melatonin is believed to help regulate the body clock. Nemu is packaged in a 180ml microwaveable cup with a design featuring a sleeping cow. The product is said to be based on technology and research by the Kuopio University and the Night Milk Company of Finland. Back in 2002 we reported the UK launch of a similar product, Slumber Bedtime Milk from Red Kite Farms. This product was described as a functional milk to aid sleep, as it also had higher levels of melatonin than normal.

Chocolate-themed health drinks
With a combination of herbal extracts and theobromine, the passion stimulator in chocolate, it's no wonder why this product is touted as being the ultimate sexual elixir. New in the US from Aphrodisia Naturals is Aphrodisia Goddess Rose Nectar, a rose-flavoured elixir that's geared solely towards women. A percentage of the profits made are devoted to support women's causes worldwide. Another chocolate-themed health drink in the US has been introduced by Ecco Bella Botanicals. The new Health by Chocolate drink contains minerals, blueberry extract, lutein, lycopene and organic Swiss cocoa is said to contain more free radical-fighting antioxidants than most fruits and veggies. Additionally, this product features cranberry seed oil for omega-3 fatty acids and as much fibre as an apple, sources say. This functional beverage can be served hot or cold and is sold in health food stores.

Sprite on Fire
After the launch of a Sprite Super Lemon variant and Sprite Ice in 2003, Hong Kong consumers are, once again, the first to enjoy another new Sprite flavour: Sprite on Fire. It is characterised by a wild hot and spicy ginger taste that is designed to awake every taste bud and blast the consumer's sensations 'from throat to heart'. Sprite on Fire will be available in 355ml cans (individual and 8-pack), and 500ml PET bottles.

Coca-Cola with lime
Yet another flavourful twist is being added to Coca-Cola's classic cola beverage throughout Canada and the US. Diet Coke with Lime follows the release of its preceding extensions, vanilla and lemon. Sources say that the packaging will be "stylish and noticeably lime."