From ingredients and flavours to new style packaging, the Global New Product Database from the industry researcher Mintel, continues to deliver all the leading drinks launches directly to just-drinks readers. This month we have news from the dairy and health sectors as well as interesting moves within the packaging community.

This month Mintel's GNPD features some very interesting developments in the dairy drinks market. German dairy company Müller is making more moves outside of its core yoghurt industry. It already produces some smoothie-style and whey & fruit drinks, and has now extended further within the juices segment with its latest offering in the Netherlands. New there is Juicer, a single-serve bottled fruit drink range formulated with a blend of fruit juice and milk protein/lactoserum (whey). It is further enriched with vitamins A, C & E, and is available in Tropical, Apple-Guava-Strawberry, and Orange-Mango varieties.

The pouch packaging-trend continues unabated in both food and non-food markets, offering convenience and portability. Past interesting pouched products have appeared in all kinds of categories including sun care and even ice cream. The latest such packaged introduction is a chilled creamy milk drink in Switzerland called Pocket Cream. It has a vanilla flavour and has been introduced by Nutrifrais. It is packaged in a 150g plastic pouch with a resealable screw cap.

The infamous Turtles candies have been a favourite among all consumers for years, and now its signature flavour can be enjoyed in a special edition of Carnation Turtles Hot Chocolate Mix. For an ultimate treat, the company suggests the consumer prepares with the drink with hot milk and tops with whip cream. It is sold in Canadian supermarkets.

In Spain the GNPD has come across a novel glass bottle holding 500ml of coconut shake liqueur, from Teichenné. The dispenser is in the form of a teat, so that the whole package resembles a typical baby milk bottle. The frosted glass bottle is also marked with measurements (like a baby bottle), and is printed with ceramic ink. The cap is made from polypropylene with an overcover to seal the bottle prior to use. The intention is that the product is drunk straight through the teat, and the bottle is prominently labelled "for adults only"!

Flavours for the Fanta carbonate from Coca-Cola continue to become more exotic. Past additions to the original orange option have included lychee, raspberry, lime, pineapple and passionfruit. More recently, an elderflower & lemon variety has been added to the brand in countries such as Hungary, Israel and Denmark. While in Hong Kong we have reported on a Dancing Starfruit variety.

In New Zealand, Eastern Dragon is selling an imported lemonade in a 200ml bottle, with a marble acting as a valve within the glass bottle. The product itself originates in Japan. A two-part polypropylene cap provides an open aperture for drinking, while a shrink-sleeve provides tamper-evidence on the cap. Another sleeve is sealed around the main body; both are printed gravure.

In Japan in the Beverages category, Takara Shuzo has introduced Calcium Parlour Blueberry Mix under the Takara brand. The company has flagged the product as Added Calcium, Vitamin/Mineral Fortified. A certified health product that is 10% fruit juice, it contains blueberries known to be good for the health of eyes. The product was launched in late August with a suggested retail price of ¥150.

Also in Japan, Meiji Seika Kaisha has introduced refreshing Green Juice under the Meiji brand. The company is marketing the product as Low Sugar. The drink is a blend of fruit and vegetable juices, using kale, grapes, apples and lemons. It does not use any additional sugar or salt and is 100% fruit & vegetable juice (70% is fruit). It was launched in late August with a suggested retail price of ¥200 under the Japanese product name Sukkiri Oishii Aojiru.