Method for producing acidic milkbeverages

Author: Yakult Honsha KK (Ogasawara N., Setoyama T., Anbe M.)
Patent Type: European Patent Application  0 937 407  En:en  Priority data: (Japan) (17.2.98)   Filing date: 29.1.99  See published patent document for Designated Contracting States.  (saan: 510539)

Abstract: A method forproducing stable acidic milk beverages that exhibit less sedimentation or separation ofwhey during storage is disclosed.  Fermented milk is homogenized, mixed with anaddition of water-soluble hemicellulose, and then subjected to further homogenization. A preferred hemicellulose is one derived from soya beans.  A syrup solutioncontaining a sweetener, etc., may also be added.

Enzyme extraction process for tea

Author: Lipton (Lehmberg G.L., Balentine D.A., Hang R.S., Gobbo S.A.)
Patent Type: United States Patent  5 952 023  En:en  Filing date: 27.6.97   (saan: 510135)

Abstract: A method isgiven for the production of acid-stable instant tea by enzymic extraction. Black tea isextracted with water containing tannase and one or more cell-wall-digesting enzymes suchas cellulase or pectinase at selected pH. The extract can then be pasteurized, polishedand made into a finished beverage or concentrated and dried. The tea products haveimproved acid stability and good colour and clarity.

Coffee aroma recovery process andaroma product

Author: Societe desProduits Nestle SA  (Mandralis Z.I., Westfall S., Yunker K.A.)
Patent Type: PCT Patent Application  WO 99/52378  En:en  Priority data: (US) (9.4.98)   Filing date: 4.2.99   Seepublished patent document for Designated Contracting States.   (saan: 511659)

Abstract: Acounter-current gas stripping method for the recovery of aroma compounds from coffee ispresented.  The compounds (mainly furans and diketones) may be added to concentratedcoffee extracts to produce a coffee powder with enhanced aroma and flavour.

A cost-effective beer brewingprocess

Author: Miller P.A.
Patent Type: PCT Patent Application  WO 99/48590  En:en  Filing date: (26.3.98)   See published patent document forDesignated Contracting States.   (saan: 510761)

Abstract: Production ofsignificant quantities of highly contaminated effluent is a problem in the brewingindustry, and is a major cause of product loss.  An innovative brewing process isdisclosed, which considerably reduces these losses and hence reduces the environmentalload and associated cost of brewing.  The novel process involves a reduced number ofseparate operating stages.  Effluent is treated via a membrane filter plant andsterile washing, and sterilizing liquids are recycled to achieve a closed system withrespect to effluents.

Method of processing, in particularconcentrating, fruit and/or vegetable juice and arrangement for carrying out this method

Author: Barth Fruit AG (Samhaber W.M., Gysin H.-R.)
Patent Type: European Patent Application  0 938 267  De:de:en  Priority data: (Switzerland) (2.12.96)   Filing date: 17.11.97  See published patent document for Designated Contracting States.  WO 98/24331 (11.6.98)   (saan: 511536)

Abstract: A method andapparatus for gently concentrating fruit and vegetable juices at low temperatures aredisclosed.  At least one enzyme is added to the juice to break down solid particles,and the resulting mixture is filtered at least once to produce a clear, solids-free juicefraction containing dissolved juice components such as sugar, acids, vitamins and flavourcompounds.  The juice fraction is then subjected to reverse-osmosis filtration, andthe retentate is passed through a nanofilter.  A highly concentrated, high-qualityjuice concentrate is formed from the nanofiltration retentate, in which the substancesdissolved in the juice are preserved practically unchanged.  The proportions are atleast approximately the same as those in the clear juice fraction.  The inventionavoids the deterioration in taste and colour that can occur with heating and evaporationprocesses.