Suntory: New Carlsberg Draft. Suntory brews this Danish beer under licence in Japan. The product has now been changed to a 100% malt beer and to a draft beer in cans and bottles. Suntory has been brewing 100% malt beers in Japan for many years and has developed the technology using the Carlsberg yeast to produce a clean and rich flavor 100% malt beer. The change to draft canned and bottled beer (non-heat-treated beer) is essential in Japan as virtually all Japanese beer in cans and bottles is non-heat-treated and has been for many years. The Japanese brewers developed a special filtering systems to remove the yeast without heat-treatment and exported this technology to the west. The new Carlsberg Draft has a new pack design to emphasize that it is now 100% malt and draft. No pack size or price quoted.

Low-Alcohol Cocktails
Asahi Chem. Ind.: Waru. A new series of dry chu-hi type low-alcohol cocktails [chu-hi are cocktails based on shochu Japanese liquor]. Three varieties - lemon (alcohol content 7%), grapefruit (alcohol content 6%) and shekwasha [Japanese oranges from Okinawa] (alcohol content 6%). 350 ml can ¥130 (plus tax), 500 ml can ¥180 (plus tax), lower price and higher alcohol content than the average product.

Godo Shusei: Canon Cranberry Fruit Wine. A blend of sweet and dry cranberries and white wine. A refreshing drink of good mouthfeel. Alcohol content 7%. 300 ml screw-cap white frosted glass bottle ¥340 (plus tax), 12 per case. There are 3 other varieties already on the market - peach, strawberry, blueberry

Regular Coffee
Key Coffee: Key Coffee Water Pot Café. A totally new concept for iced coffee is now launched after successful test marketing last summer. Simply pour water onto the non-woven fabric bag of regular coffee and leave overnight in the refrigerator. A much simpler way of making iced coffee which dispenses with the need to cool coffee quickly with ice and uses a lot less water. Pack of two sachets each enough for 1 liter of iced coffee, ¥400. A pack of two sachets each enough for 500 ml of iced coffee price ¥220 is also launched to suit smaller households. Sales target 30,000 cases and 7,000 cases respectively.

Ready to Drink Coffee
Pokka Corp: Pokka Vietnam Coffee. Ready-to-drink coffee made with coffee beans produced in Vietnam. This drink contains milk and condensed milk. Developed against a background of interest in Asian products and popularity of richly flavored authentic coffees such as espresso and cappuccino. 130g glass bottle ¥115.

Tea Concentrate
Nestlé Japan: Nestea Ice Cool. Individual portions of concentrated black tea. Simply add cold water to make an iced tea drink. National launch following successful test marketing last summer alongside the launch of Nescafe Ice Cool. Pack of 8 x 23g ¥280.

Vegetable and Fruit Juice Drinks
Morinaga Milk Ind: Morinaga Delicious Red Vegetables and Morinaga Delicious Green Vegetables [translation]. These healthy chilled drinks are a blend of fruit and vegetable juices. A pleasant way to improve the diet. Packed in fashionable aseptic cup with transparent dome lid. 200 ml cup ¥120, refrigerated shelf-life 60 day

Near Water Drinks
Snow Brand Foods: Snow Brand Fruitissimo. A near water drink in two varieties - peach, lemon. The near water drink is transparent and it is packed in a transparent version of the Cheer Pack soft pouch with screw cap spout. The soft drinks market is highly competitive and fashionable packaging is vital (as well as a delicious taste), in developing a product that will sell well. Transparent packaging is presently very much in fashion. These fruit drinks retain the flavor and aroma of fresh fruit and have a refreshing aftertaste. Environment friendly packaging. 300g soft pouch ¥110, 500g ¥140. National launch.

Meiji Milk Prod.: Meiji Bulgaria Drinking Yogurt Cranberry Mix. Drinking yogurt with the addition of the healthy fruits cranberry and blueberry. A tangy fruity yogurt drink. 3 x 100ml shrink wrap poly bottles ¥150.

Milk Drinks
Zenkoku Nokyo Chokuhan: Zenno Zakuro au Lait [zakuro is pomegranate]. This milk drink is a delicious blend of milk and pomegranate juice. Fruit juice content 3%. Pomegranate is now very much in fashion as the latest functional ingredient [no claims are made on this product]. 500 ml gable-top carton Y100, 20 per case, one liter ¥180, 12/case.

Lactic Acid Bacteria Drinks
Zenkoku Nokyo Chokuhan: Cream Cheese and Lactic Acid Bacteria Drink [translation]. Cream cheese produced in Japan in a balanced blend with fresh milk and milk products to produce a new mouthfeel. A new type of cheese desert drink. 200g plastics bottle with foil cap ¥120, 10 per case.

Functional Milk Products
Meiji Milk Prod: Meiji Polyphenol Milk. Antioxidant polyphenols in grape extract are added to cow's milk together with vitamins C and E. Polyphenols suppress free radicals that cause cancer and arteriosclerosis. 500 ml gable-top carton ¥100, 20 per case and 1,000 ml gable-top carton ¥200, 12 per case.

Functional Drinks
Asahi Soft Drinks: Asahi Switch. A new type of sports drink that supplies not only water and minerals but also polyphenols. This drink contains natural antioxidant polyphenols from a variety of sources: green tea (catechin), red wine and apples, as well as hesperidin from mikan [Japanese oranges]. The drink also contains the minerals calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium to replace those lost when sweating. 245g can and 340g can ¥115, 500ml PET bottle ¥140, 1.5 liter PET bottle ¥330, 250ml slim brick carton ¥100, 300g Cheer Pack (soft pouch with screw-cap spout) ¥110.

Health Drinks
Fine Kagaku Kenkyusho: Perina Prune Wine. A non-alcoholic wine rich in polyphenols and minerals and low in calories. The ethanol has been extracted from this red wine. It is made from a base of prune juice with maple syrup, brown rice vinegar and perilla extract. The iron in the prunes prevents anemia and the fiber in the prunes prevents constipation. 500 ml glass bottle ¥1,500, 12 per case. There is also an Aloe Vera variety.

*Definition of happoshu: a brew similar to beer but made from a very low malt content, cannot be called beer, has a lower rate of alcohol tax and is therefore cheaper.

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