Here's a run-down of some of the top reports currently available in the just-drinks research store:

Data is provided for market value and volume by category, company and brand market shares, distribution channels, and expenditure and consumption per capita for the historic and forecast periods.

Travel retail, viewed as an individual market, would rank as the 18th largest spirits market in volume terms. In terms of premium-and-above sales, travel retail would rank as the second-largest global market (falling only behind the US) with sales of 6.7m cases.

This report defines what brand enhancement is and how it contributes to brand identity, the nature and role of packaging and identifies the drivers of packaging innovation. It also explores how structure and functional features of packaging are used to enhance the brand.

Comprehensive insight into the very latest trends in wine and spirits consumption at a global, regional and sometimes local level. It helps to understand brand trends and future outlooks - especially from trend hotbeds such as the USA, Germany and the UK.

An in-depth financial evaluation of the global wine & spirit industry. Each of the top 400 wine & spirit producers is individually assessed and ranked against each other and compared to industry averages

With over 27,000 words and 70 tables, this report provides the definitive review of the global Cognac and brandy markets, the brands and their strategies and distribution. Use this report to discover where the opportunities lie in the global marketplace.

This is a package of just-drinks’ global market reviews of gin and vodka, providing you with a comprehensive insight into these white spirits sectors at a discounted price. Save 15% by purchasing these reports together in this package! Click on the link for details of the reports.

Tequila has been displaying high volume growth across a broad spectrum of international markets over the last few years. Use this report to establish where the future growth opportunities lie, and find out what brand strategies will be most successful.