Carlsberg will release its results on Monday

Carlsberg will release its results on Monday

Carlsberg will report its full-year and fourth-quarter results on Monday (18 February). Here, just-drinks takes a look at the highs and lows for the company in the three months to the end of December and performances in recent quarters.

In Carlsberg's year-to-date,

  • Nine-month net profits edged up by 3.5% to DKK5.42bn (US$933.6m)
  • Net sales rose by 5.26% to DKK51.27bn
  • Operating profits slipped by 4.3% to DKK7.64bn

For the company's Q3,

  • Net profits slipped by 29% to DKK2.14bn
  • Net sales rose by 7.9% to DKK18.8bn
  • Operating profits increased by 9.5% to DKK3.6bn. 

For the company's Q2,

  • Net profits increased by 58% to DKK3.5bn
  • Sales rose by 4.5% to DKK19.6bn 
  • Operating profits fell by 6% to 3.5bn

In its Q1,

  • Q1 net loss of DKK76m (US$13.2m) versus profits of DKK173m a year earlier
  • Operating profits were down 43% to DKK574m 
  • Net sales rose 2.8% to DKK12.87bn

To read a preview of Carlsberg's Q3 results, click here.