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Analysis - Keurig Kold fails to impress

Last week, analysts got a sneak preview of the Keurig Kold. It was a long-awaited chance to test-drive the home-carbonation platform that Th...

Sustainability - Walking the Walk on Water

The recent problems that the Coca-Cola Co has encountered in India, and the launch by Diageo of its new Water Blueprint, underline once agai...

Analysis - The Value of Prosecco

The UK’s love of sparkling wine, coupled with a desire for value for money, has proved great news for Prosecco....

Solving the diet drinks dilemma in the US

In a report last week, Cowen analyst Vivien Azer says solving the diet dilemma “remains a critical driver for sustainable improvement in ind...

Research In Focus - The Beer Engine that is Africa 20 May 2015

Euromonitor International

Africa is the final frontier for beer, according to Euromonitor International’s latest global briefing 'Africa: The Final Frontier for Beer'.

just On Call - SABMiller, Meantime Brewing Co say goodbye to 'craft' 15 May 2015

Lucy Britner

The term ‘craft beer’ will disappear, according to Meantime Brewery Co’s CEO, Nick Miller, and SABMiller’s MD of Europe, Sue Clark.

Analysis - Carlsberg regroups as CEO says goodbye 14 May 2015

Andy Morton

Amid the usual hubbub of Carlsberg's Q1 results release yesterday was the sad realisation that, for the man presenting them, this was a farewell broadcast.

Analysis - Currency woes fail to devalue SABMiller's FY 14 May 2015

Andy Morton

Like many recent results, SABMiller's full-year release yesterday was heavily overshadowed by foreign currency fluctuations.

just On Call - SABMiller feels pressure to innovate 14 May 2015

Lucy Britner

Mature markets are placing greater pressure on mainstream beers, creating increased demand for innovation and premiumisation, according to SABMiller.

International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research Critique 164: Why are the Harmful Effects of Alcohol Consumption Greater among People with Low Education and Income? 14 May 2015

International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research

Epidemiologists have noted for many years that one of the key factors that affect the relationship between alcohol intake and many diseases is individuals’ education, income, or other index of socio-economic status (SES). While differences in drinking habits, other more moderate lifestyle factors, better access to health care and better diet have been suggested as potential mechanisms, there has been little research directed at this relation.

Focus - Belvedere’s Q1 Performance by Region 13 May 2015

Richard Woodard

Earlier today (13 May), French wine and spirits group Belvédère announced that its first-quarter sales were up 4.4% on a comparable basis. Here, we take a look at the figures for the first three months of 2015 by region:

just On Call - Carlsberg CEO hails "healthy" beer debut 13 May 2015

Andy Morton

Carlsberg's new focus on “healthy” beers is off to a strong start, with sales of the recently-launched Tourtel Twist performing “extremely well”, according to its CEO.

Focus - C&C Group's FY Performance by Region 13 May 2015

Andy Morton

Earlier today, C&C Group reported a rise in full-year sales. But the company slipped into the red as impairment charges damaged the bottom line. Here, just-drinks takes a look at the company's performance by region:

Research in Focus - Alcoholic Drinks in 2014: Subdued, Uneven and Precarious 13 May 2015

Spiros Malandrakis at Euromonitor International

Volume growth for alcoholic drinks globally remains subdued for a second year running and, at merely 0.8% for 2014, last year is set to be amongst the three lowest over the past decade.

just the Facts - Ireland's Whiskey Distilleries 13 May 2015

Olly Wehring

Here, courtesy of the Irish Whiskey Association, is a map of all the distilleries - existing, new and planned - in Ireland.

just On Call - Gruppo Campari’s taste for flavour 12 May 2015

Lucy Britner

The head of Gruppo Campari has said bourbon brand Wild Turkey is not destined for a plethora of flavour extensions.

just the Facts - China's beer & flavoured alcoholic beverage market 12 May 2015

Andy Morton

Rabobank has released a report on the Chinese alcohol market that predicts huge growth in flavoured alcoholic beverages as demand for traditional beer subsides. Here's a round-up of some of the reports key findings:

Focus - Gruppo Campari’s Q1 Performance by Region, Brand 12 May 2015

Richard Woodard

Earlier today (12 May), Gruppo Campari announced its first quarter results, including a 73% hike in pre-tax profits and a 13% sales increase. Here, we take a look at the figures for the quarter by region and brand:

Analysis - Cott Corp reaps diversification rewards 12 May 2015

Andy Morton

Embedded in Cott Corp's Q1 financial statement last week was the company's admittance that its CSD volumes in the US were down 6% in volumes.

Focus – Carlsberg’s Q1 Results by Region 12 May 2015

Richard Woodard

Earlier today, Carlsberg reported its first quarter results, with losses up 34% and revenue rising 4.5%. Here, we look at the company’s performance during the three-month period by region.

Focus - Suntory's Q1 Performance by Category 11 May 2015

Andy Morton

Last week, Japan's Suntory Holdings reported a healthy rise in first-quarter sales and operating profits. Here, just-drinks takes a closer look at the group's beverage results:

just On Call - Cott Corp CEO predicts sharp fall in US CSD volumes 11 May 2015

Andy Morton

The head of Cott Corp has said he expects North American carbonated soft drink volumes to sink by as much as 10% this year as the category continues to decline.

just The Preview - SABMiller's Q4 & FY 11 May 2015

Andy Morton

SABMiller will release its full-year results on Wednesday. Here, just-drinks takes a look at the company's highs and lows over the last three months of its fiscal year.

just The Preview - Carlsberg's Q1 11 May 2015

Andy Morton

Carlsberg will release its Q1 results tomorrow. Here, just-drinks takes a look at the company's highs and lows in the first three months of the year.

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