Gruppo Campari released its full-year results earlier today.

Gruppo Campari released its full-year results earlier today.

Earlier today, Gruppo Campari posted a slight dip in net profits but rising sales in 2012. Here, just-drinks takes a closer look at the company's performance in the period by region and brand.


The Americas (34.7% of total sales) posted a sales lift of 8.8% in value terms for 2012. All markets in the region grew, except for Brazil.

The US (21.9% of total sales) saw sales rise by 8.6%.

Brazil (6.8% of total sales) was down by 7.9%, due to a negative exchange rate effect of -6.7% and a “negative trend” in local brands.

The other Americas (6.0% of total sales) increased sales by 15.6%, thanks to Argentina, Canada and Mexico.

Italy (29.2% of total sales) saw sales fall by 2.9%, with the company highlighting a “worse-than-expected market environment” in the fourth quarter.

Sales in the rest of Europe (25.8% of total sales) were up by 5.3%. Germany tumbled by 9.1% due to a “commercial dispute with a key client”. Russia leapt by 61%, while Austria, Switzerland and Belgium delivered more modest - albeit unspecified - growth.

Sales in the rest of the world and Global Travel Retail (10.4% of total sales) were up by 19.8%, led by Australia (up by 15.2%). China, South Africa and Nigeria also warranted special mention.


Camapri's spirits portfolio - which accounts for 76.7% of group sales - delivered a 5.5% lift in sales in 2012.

Wine sales (14.6% of group sales) were up by 6.1% in value terms last year.

The soft drinks stable (7.4% of group sales) - which operates solely in Italy - was up by 1.3% in values.

The Campari brand was flat, up by 0.5%, with Germany Italy and Brazil struggling while the US, Argentina, Russia and Nigeria were up.

Aperol fell by 2.2%, with sales in Germany hampered by the aforementioned commercial dispute. However, organic growth for Aperol excluding Germany was 6.1%.

SKYY vodka increased sales by 9.4%, driven by the US. Brazil, Canada, Germany and Italy also performed well. 

Wild Turkey leapt by 19.2%, with sales rising in all markets. The Burbon’s American Honey extension grew by 45.6%, thanks to the US and Australia.

Tequila was up by 23.7%, driven by both Espolón and Cabo Wabo in the US.

Scotch whisky brand GlenGrant sales fell by 6.5% as the Italian whisky market struggled last year.

Cinzano vermouths increased sales in 2012 by 13.6%, with Russia and Argentina leading the field.

Cinzano sparkling wines were down by 7.8%, with the double digit performance in Russia countered by soft sales in Germany and Italy.