Red devils together - Concha ties up with Man Utd

Red devils together - Concha ties up with Man Utd

Vina Concha y Toro's sponsorship deal with Manchester United is less about connecting wine with football and more about reaching Asian consumers.

No one expects fans of the Red Devils to be sipping glasses of Cassillero del Diablo inside Old Trafford as they muse over the half-time scoreline. Instead, the three-year partnership between Concha y Toro and Manchester United, signed on Monday and announced today (18 May), has more global aspirations.

Concha y Toro is in the process of reorganising its international business to afford more resources to emerging markets in Asia, a region of the world where Manchester United has begun establishing itself as a household name. 

"We want to take advantage of their global position," Giancarlo Bianchetti, marketing manager for Concha y Toro's global brands, told just-drinks at the London International Wine Fair today.

"Manchester United is a brand that goes beyond a football team and from that point of view this is really interesting for us," he added, declining to reveal how much the Chilean wine group has spent on the deal.

Manchester United has strong roots in Asia, having pulled crowds upwards of 50,000 for tours there since the 1970s. The team toured South Korea last year and have paid regular visits to the region, predominantly for commercial purposes.

Reaching these potential wine consumers is Concha y Toro's real goal.